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Gardening Basics

17 Easy Low Budget Garden DIY Projects

I am composing this useful post to help you to have an adequate opportunity to plan a remodelling that could change your garden from a dull, overgrown area into a paradise suitable for garden parties.I did the research study after enjoying my cousin, James’ spacious garden becoming a dump website instead of the lovely and gorgeous garden that might generate income through the land lease for video shooting and summer celebration hosting.Business’ garden planners that people greater to plan their garden, buddies, and family who are planning […]

How To Make a Succulent Garden Chair Planter

Have you ever walked around a flea market or a backyard sale and spotted a metal chair with no seat? I Iove trying to find unusual pieces that can be turned into planters. Here is an idea for upcycling an old chair into a beautiful piece of garden art: a succulent chair planter.A succulent chair planter is part garden and part sculptural art that includes interest as a centerpiece in the garden. I like that this project can fit into an extensive space or a small patio […]

25 Veggies and Fruits You Can Grow in Small Containers

Do you live in a home or a home with a little yard. ? Have you always wanted a garden but don’t have enough space? There’s a solution: Bucket gardening. All you need are some 5-gallon buckets, rocks, peat moss, planting soil, and compost. That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually very simple. Not only is container gardening a great service for individuals with limited area, it also has numerous advantages over standard gardening. You can have a greater range of plants, you won’t have […]

How To Make a Lettuce Gutter Garden

I built our lettuce garden under a large pecan tree so it would get a lot of shade during our hot North Carolina summertimes. When cucumbers and tomatoes are collected, the concept behind this was to be able to keep lettuce growing so I can in fact have a complete salad from the garden.Plant in your rain gutter garden.You can use compost or purchase the bagged potting soil. I certainly amend that soil with garden compost every late winter/early spring prior to planting the brand-new crop. I […]

Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make

And let’s be honest … If you are growing your own veggies, you are probably after some of the health benefits? Ok, and then there is the cost factor as well … why wouldn’t you make your own homemade natural garden fertilizers instead of buying costly specialized products?How to Make Organic FertilizerNitrogen is necessary for leaf and green development, Phosphorus for flowers and fruit, and Potassium for gemeral health of the plant. That having been stated, plants require a lot of other nutrients as well, called Micronutrients. […]