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Gardening Basics

How To Make a Lettuce Gutter Garden

I built our lettuce garden under a large pecan tree so it would get a lot of shade during our hot North Carolina summertimes. When cucumbers and tomatoes are collected, the concept behind this was to be able to keep lettuce growing so I can in fact have a complete salad from the garden.Plant in your rain gutter garden.You can use compost or purchase the bagged potting soil. I certainly amend that soil with garden compost every late winter/early spring prior to planting the brand-new crop. I […]

Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make

And let’s be honest … If you are growing your own veggies, you are probably after some of the health benefits? Ok, and then there is the cost factor as well … why wouldn’t you make your own homemade natural garden fertilizers instead of buying costly specialized products?How to Make Organic FertilizerNitrogen is necessary for leaf and green development, Phosphorus for flowers and fruit, and Potassium for gemeral health of the plant. That having been stated, plants require a lot of other nutrients as well, called Micronutrients. […]

5 Perennial Veggies to Plant Once and Reap Forever

Most of the foods we grow are annuals: Each winter, they vanish and need to be replanted in the spring. A plentiful garden of delicious organic food deserves the work of planning and planting, however clever gardeners likewise curate a few perennials, which return year after year with little upkeep required. Here are some classic perennials to plant now for harvest next summer season.Best matched for damp, light soils and complete sun, artichoke plants grow bigger each year, ultimately producing several plump buds a year. If you […]

How to Grow Spinach in Pots and Containers

Discover how to spinach in pots, it is among the veggies that you can grow in some shade.Growing spinach in containers is easy too you can even grow it inside on a windowsill.How to Grow Spinach in PotsGrowing Spinach in Pots from SeedsSow seeds 1/2 inches deep straight in containers or a seed tray. Seedlings will germinate in 5-14 days depending on the range and growing conditions. Then transplant them into the original pots carefully, if you have sown seeds in a seed tray wait till 2-3 […]

Find out How To Braid Onions For Long Term Storage

If you are going to keep onions over the winter season (and into the spring and possibly summertime), you’re going to want to ensure they are getting lots of air, as air blood circulation is crucial to their conservation. There’s absolutely nothing worse than putting all your onions up for the year in a box or bucket and finding later on that there was one that went bad and now you need to toss them all (or most) out. In my experience, braiding my onions and hanging […]